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As well as supplying sustainable FSC certified prime grades of species such as walnut, white oak, maple, cherry, ash and tulipwood, we have developed innovative grading processes to better the quality and the sustainability of wood we offer, and are also proud to be the only supplier of the revolutionary Lyptus® hardwood decking in the UK.


With our North American Hardwoods we have developed a grading process which results in a higher quality timber with fewer defects, minimising waste. Grading walnut to a high, clear specification is our specialty - it means consistency with colour and few defects, enabling craftsmen to use an exceptional sustainable wood which is normally very difficult to work with.


Our customers range from wood importers to builders, timber merchants to high-class cabinet-makers, who are all looking for quality timber from sustainable sources. Customers come back time and time again because we care about them, the wood, and the environment.


Sustainable timber produced from well managed sources is a valuable resource that we at Woodlink UK are keen to bring to the market.


Our Lyptus® timber is a natural hybrid of two types of Eucalyptus - Grandis and Urophylla - the trees grow in about 15 years, which is about four times as quickly as other tropical woods. Lyptus® forests are 11 times more productive per hectare than a temperate forest, and produce 30 times the amount of wood compared to an unmanaged temperate forest.


Our FineWoods (Britain) is a brand of Woodlink UK. We have delivered to the accessories market a range of exquisite products from sustainably grown Lyptus®. Produced to the highest quality, this new and exciting timber is used to produce an unrivalled set of accessories for the home.

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What are the benefits of sustainable timber?

As well as the plus points of using wood generally, sustainable timber has other benefits:

Wood is considered as carbon neutral because trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow.

It has good thermal insulation properties.

If you use sustainable timber, you are contributing to the growth of forests, which absorb carbon dioxide, the major greenhouse gas.

Using sustainable timber contributes points towards the sustainability rating in the Code for Sustainable Homes, the government’s ratings scheme for new homes.


Sustainable timber from Woodlink UK

"Sustainable timber produced from

well managed sources can truly be described as

one of the planets most valuable resources"


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